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Hydrachoice Sachet Creme Soda 5'S

Digestive Health

Aids in restoring intestinal flora and fluid and electrolyte replacement.
Manufacturer: Sanofi
SKU: 712885001
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HydraChoice™ is a formulation with probiotics and electrolytes that aids in restoring intestinal flora and replaces fluid and electrolytes through oral hydration.

Active Ingredients: Each sachet contains: Composition of probiotics: L. acidophilus - 20b CFU*. L. Rhamnosus GG, LGG® - 1 b CFU* Other ingredients include: artificial sweeteners and flavours


  • Give 250ml of reconstituted HydraChoice after each bowel movement can give in smaller volumes if a large volume isn't tolerated in more frequency. Adults can frequent sips directly from the cup.

Pack Size: 5 Sachets.

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