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Elastoplast Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster 2.5cmX3m

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Manufacturer: Beiersdorf Global AG
SKU: 431788014
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Elastoplast Elastic Fabric Roll Plaster is a versatile tape that can be used for securing wound dressings or supporting minor injuries. When wrapped around a joint or muscle, it provides moderate compression to support tendons and ligaments, preventing strains and supporting current injuries. The adhesive tape easily secures gauze, compression pads or any other wound dressing for long-lasting protection. Good elasticity allows for adequate movement and a comfortable feel. Comes in a compact, easy to use roll, perfect for first aid kits at home or on the playing field.

Specification/Instructions for use:

Fix the compress or wound dressing to the surrounding healthy skin using Elastoplast Fabric Roll plaster. The roll can be easily cut to the desired size.

Pack Size: 2.5cmX3m

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